And for all who are far off, as many as the Lord our God will call to Himself.”

Acts 2:39

Following the Formation Phase of the program, students and leaders will go in groups to serve cross-culturally on outreach for 1-2 months. This time is absolutely crucial to Discipleship Beyond. Outreach will challenge students to integrate into their lives all that they have been learning so that they may become people who are able to live lives of godliness that bring God glory in any place or season.

There are no limits to the outreach locations, but typically, students will go to people groups within the region of their program (Nicaragua or Turkey). You might find yourself doing prison ministry, working in a coffee house, bringing relief to the poor, teaching English, or interceding for the lost in a spiritually dark nation. Jesus said that the harvest was ready to be gathered, the problem is that the workers are few. There are endless possibilities to bless and be a blessing to people in need!

Outreach is a stretching experience and can be tough at times. You will surely have hard work, some long days, and experience difficult situations. But you will have the joy of serving others, the privilege of watching God work through you, and the knowledge that you have given it all!

After outreach, you will return to your host country for a reunion and celebration. You will have time to debrief and process your experiences with students and leaders, celebrate together over what the Lord has done, and encourage one another in the next steps in life.

Your time at Discipleship Beyond ends with graduation following your outreach. Students will return to their homes, work, and school or continue on in cross-cultural ministry. Though the program will end, we trust that the transformation you will experience will bear fruit for the rest of your life!