Discipleship Beyond seeks to nurture godly character in the lives of believers so that they may live successful lives of worship, sacrifice, and service in any culture, country, or circumstance. We want to foster a heart of active mercy and compassion for others, model lives of obedience and sacrifice towards Jesus, and form a Biblical worldview.

The program is divided into two sections: Formation and Outreach. Formation is about adopting into our lives the basics of discipleship as Jesus taught and modeled it to those around Him. Outreach is a chance to put what we have learned into action through active ministry and service to others.

The Formation phase of the program begins as students gather in their host country for an intensive season of study while forging new friendships and encountering new cultures. A number of different elements will encourage growth during this period. Some of them include:


Each week, you and your peers will discover new truths about life, yourself and God through the instruction and guidance of excellent teachers from all over the globe. Your teachers might be professors, businessmen, historians, archaeologists, artists, or ministers. But they will certainly be committed disciples of Jesus Christ.

They will challenge you through their witness and teaching, and you will grow in your thinking, faith, and outlook as you learn together.

A sample schedule from one of our sessions:

  • Week 1 Orientation: Culture and Community
  • Week 2 God’s Father Heart
  • Week 3 Biblical Narrative of Redemption
  • Week 4 Lordship of Christ
  • Week 5 Hearing God Speak
  • Week 6 Evangelism and the Holy Spirit
  • Week 7 Seeking Healthy Relationships
  • Week 8 Service Project
  • Week 9 Silent Retreat
  • Week 10 Team and Team Building
  • Week 11 Outreach Preparation


God created us to be unified and serve one another. During Discipleship Beyond, you will live in community with other students. By living in close relationship with others we will enjoy the riches of fellowship. Learning, living and working together will both challenge and enrich our lives.

Community life is at the heart of discipleship, and we embrace it as an opportunity to be transformed into the character of Jesus. This means that you will share bedrooms and living space with one or more students. Accomodations will be comfortable but basic. You will be assigned weekly work duties as your contribution to community life. Jesus’ disciples lived and worked together.


Each week you will have time with a staff member who will provide a safe place to share your heart and serve as a friend on the journey. The purpose of this time is to help you discern the voice of God in your life while processing what you are experiencing. This is your opportunity to ask questions, consider what you are learning, evaluate your growth, and pray together.


Staff and students will actively seek God through private and corporate worship, prayer, study, and service. The source of every good thing in life is Jesus Christ, and we place our highest value on pursuing Him. Everyone will be expected to give devotions and help lead the group in worship.

If we want to experience intimacy with our Heavenly Father, seek His guidance and will for our lives, and learn to hear His voice then nothing can replace time spent in communion with God. These and other elements make up the weekly rhythm of Discipleship Beyond by which God will transform us into committed disciples of Christ.