• Think Biblically.
    Ever wanted to taste adventure? Encounter new cultures? Take your faith in Jesus to new levels and experience His love for the nations?
  • Live Relationally.
    Discipleship Beyond is an invitation to go beyond your culture and comfort zone and step into adventure with your Savior.
  • Serve Globally.
    There is more in store for your life than you have ever imagined.
  • A deeper relationship
    with Jesus!
    There is nothing more fulfilling than walking closely with your God. Learn more about how wide and deep His love is for you, and allow Him to grow you in new ways.
    A deeper relationship <br> with Jesus!
  • Amazing,
    life-long friendships!
    You will live in community, one of the greatest gifts God has given us. We are strengthened and sharpened by the faith of those journeying with us.
    Amazing, <br>life-long friendships!
  • See the world!
    You will encounter new lands, cultures, people, food, and adventures! Discipleship Beyond is a wide-open door to new experiences that will shape how you see the world.
    See the world!
  • Give what you’ve
    been given!
    Together we will serve the world around us. We will be instruments for change, bringing light to the darkness and hope to the hopeless.
    Give what you’ve <br>been given!